Welcome to Earthvibe…

Here on Earthvibe, we use the word Awesome.

A lot.

We do that, because we like things that can be Awesome.
Life can be Awesome.
The Earth can be Awesome.
People can be Awesome.
As can music, festivals, words, pictures, actions…

So in a world, where lots of things, might not be or feel quite so Awesome..
We focus on all the things that are, untill all that is Awesome, erases that which is not.

Living is a matter of perception.
At Earthvibe, we make the choice to percieve the world at it’s best, hoping it will spread and infect those parts of our world, which could become better or perhaps even Awesome in their own right.

So enjoy the Awesome and if you can and want too, feel free to join our forum and share some Awesome of your own,
feel free to be your self and express your self accordingly in a place where people support each other, share creative ideas and recipe’s and most importantly, inspire one and other…

Awesome People, Awesome Music,
Awesome Events… Earthvibe.